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Ajwain (Carom seed) Puris 

Ajwain (carom seed) Puris – 

A very simple unleavened Indian flatbread. There are many variations of this flatbread, depending on the region where they are made.

 This is a simple recipe which requires just a few ingredients & can be made in under half an hour. 

■ In a large mixing bowl, combine 1 cup Whole Wheat Flour, 2 Tablespoons of Semolina, 1/2 Tsp Ajwain (Carom Seeds), 1/4 Tsp Turmeric powder, 1-2 Garlic flakes -minced /grated (optional) , Salt & Chilli powder to Taste.

■ Knead all the above ingredients into a stiff dough, using water as required (little at a time) Set aside for 15-20 mins. 

■ In a wok, heat oil. Roll out small (lemon sized) dough balls into flat Puris. (As shown in the pic) Deep fry the puris in hot oil, on medium heat, till they get a golden hue, & are fully puffed up. 

I serve these hot fluffy crisp Puris with a Mint-Coriander-Green Chilli Chutney, and some plain yogurt for Breakfast.

You  can also serve as a hearty meal along with Palak Paneer, Chickpea or Potato Curry. 

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Croque Monsieur et Croque Madame 

* Croque Monsieur et Croque Madame *🗼 

During summer last year, I became slightly addicted to French comfort food, the Croque Monsieur. 💖

When prepared right, this delicious French sandwich can give even the best of American grilled cheese sandwiches a run for their money. 

The story behind the Croque Monsieur (which literally means crispy/crunchy mister 😉) is that, some French labourers accidentally left their lunch boxes filled with Ham & Gruyere Sandwiches near a hot radiator, & by lunchtime, those sandwiches turned into gooey, grilled ham & gruyere sandwiches…which then became a very popular snack among the labourers. 

I’m not sure, if this story is true, but by the 1900s the Croque Monsieur was a standard on every French cafe menu, & the rest, as they say, is history. 

So what’s a ‘Croque Madame’ then ? 

Its basically a Croque Monsieur with an egg on top ! (a fried egg, most of the times)

And just in case all that Ham, Gruyere, & Egg isn’t decadent enough for you, we have additions/substitutes like Bechamel Sauce, or Blue Cheese, Smoked Salmon instead of Ham, thinly sliced Tomatoes/fried Potatoes etc. 

And a definite must have with this snack, is a glass of white wine ! 

So now you know why I got ‘slightly addicted’ to this French comfort food, while I was in Paris, right…? 😜

 (PS- My favourite out of the 2, is ….ahem …the Crispy Mister/Monsieur 😉…..and None of the sandwiches available here in town, can even dream of coming close to the ‘Real’ French ones….Seriously.)

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Sacre-Coeur, Montmatre. Paris – Travel Diaries. 

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacre-Coeur, is a Roman Catholic Church, in Paris. 

This majestic structure situated on the top of Montmatre hill, is one of Paris’ major tourist draws. 

And it is from a point on this very hill, that I clicked a picture of the gleaming  Eiffel Tower at night. 

Its best to walk up the hill in the evening (no worries, it’s a regular cobbled street, very safe, and you wouldn’t have to struggle your way up on an actual hilly terrain. However comfortable walking shoes are a must) 

You can also enjoy shopping & eating, on your way up or down the street, since the entire route is dotted with beautiful quaint cafes, & shops. 
I was so hungry by the time I walked down, I had to stop by a cafe, for dinner. They close pretty early though (atleast by the Indian standards), so mine happened to be the last order of their dinner service that evening.

 Lol….I have this habit of placing ‘last orders’ no matter where I am in the world ! Be it Pune or Paris, I guess some things just never change 😂 


Evening Strolls & Window Shopping around Sacre Coeur, Paris – Travel Diaries. 

​Evening strolls around #sacrecoeur were more like ‘window shopping strolls’. 

These quaint shops dotted along the cobbled streets leading up to Sacre Coeur offer a huge variety of delicate hand crafted home decor articles, knick knacks like mugs, coasters, planters and other souvenirs. You can buy some beautiful pottery articles, aprons, wall decor pieces to take back home, or simply spend a couple of hours admiring them and just window shopping.

I spent an entire evening just walking up n down the street, enjoying the weather & stopping by the little street cafes for a crepe or coffee, in between strolls. 

And then, as it starts getting dark, there’s a special ‘sight’ in store for you. Stay tuned to the next pic, for more on that 😉 


Travel Diaries – Paris day 1

​I just realized, I literally have thousands of pics from my travel diaries, which I haven’t even posted on Instagram (yeah…I know, my Insta posts are just FOOD !🙈😁) 

Anyway, so now when I’m not eating, reviewing, cooking, tasting, consulting or training, I’ll be sharing some random travel pics & experiences as well. 

Places I’ve visited, fun things around the world (FOOD pics will always outnumber though 😉) 

So….This, happened to be the very 1st pic I clicked, as soon as I woke up on a beautiful cold morning, in Paris. 

It was around 06:00 am, I opened my eyes & saw dewdrops on the window. The baby pink sheer curtains, the tall phycus plant which almost touched the ceiling. The view outside the bedroom window….everything was surreal. I thought I was dreaming 🙈

So I grabbed my phone from the bedside & clicked a picture, just to make sure later. 😂

My dream vacation had just begun…

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Quick 1 Dish Meals 

​1 dish meals are quick, healthy and a great way of including protein, fibre and carbs, all in one dish. 

■ In a wok, heat a few tsps of Oil. (I like to use Sesame Oil, but you can use any other oil as per your choice)

 ■ Add minced Ginger & Garlic to the oil, and saute on medium heat till golden. Add Sesame seeds and stir well. 

■ Add bite sized pieces of boneless Chicken, Soy Sauce, Salt to taste, Honey, & Dried Red Chilli Flakes (Red Chili Powder/Finely chopped Green Chilli/Black Pepper works well too) 

■ Cook for a few minutes, and add little water to adjust consistency. (If you wish to have a slightly thicker gravy, add a tsp of Cornstarch to the water before adding it in.) 

■ Serve on a bed of cooked Rice Stick Noodles/Steamed Rice. Garnish with Spring Onion/Garlic Chives. (Instead of Chicken {or along with Chicken} You can also add Prawns, Broccoli, Mushroom, Bell Peppers, Tofu, Baby Corn.

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New Year -New Menu @212 All Day Bar & Cafe 

This new year 212 introduces a new menu which is going to make all those sticking to their resolution of eating healthy, very happy indeed.

212 has come up with a wide variety of delights for patrons who want to eat out, and still eat healthy. 

Lots of options for the non vegetarians, such as Tea Smoked Shrimp, Cajun Spiced Chicken Pizza, Grilled Norwegian Salmon to name a few.

There are Vegan friendly dishes like the Quinoa Bowl, Coconut and Corn Bisque, Savoury Baklava with kale, leek, potato and caramelized onion. 

Also some gluten free and low/no Carb recipes like Golden Corn & Zucchini Fritters, or the No Carb Spaghetti. 

The tasting started of with a small portion of Coconut and Corn Bisque with burnt garlic and cilantro. It was a bowl of sheer comfort on a cool winter evening. Forget a tasting portion, I could literally have a bucketful of that heavenly stuff and eat nothing after ! 

But I knew Chef Paul Kinny had lots of new dishes planned for the evening, so I had to stop at that tasting portion and give everything else a try.

I’m not really a fan of Quinoa, but this salad bowl had my favourite ingredients like cranberries, mixed greens, pomegranate and roasted almonds. So the Quinoa Bowl wasn’t really disappointing as I earlier thought. Its infact quite a good option for a light lunch /dinner on a summer day. 

Tea Smoked Shrimps with frisse, key lime, olive oil and chia seeds, all with a subtle smokey tea aroma was next. Tender, just cooked right prawns, subtle flavours, nothing overpowering the other. Good stuff. 

212 does a nice rendition of Caprese, with an almost mousse like mozzarella, oven roasted tomato, basil pesto and balsamic. Clearly some good effort gone into making an otherwise boring and lazy salad. 

Cajun Spiced Chicken Pizza with chilli oil drizzle, chipotle spiced pineapple, onion and capers was a perfect medley of sweet, spicy, tangy flavours on a thin crisp crust. 

Next up was Savoury Baklava. Yummm! Unlike the sweet sinful sugary dessert we all know, this savoury treat is actually just as healthy as it is pretty. Crisp sheets of phyllo pastry, layered with kale, leek, potato and caramelized onion. I’d happily eat Kale if someone serves it like this !

The few let down dishes for me that evening were – 

Golden Corn and Zucchini Fritters. The tangy raspberry sauce with a mild hit of pepper, served with the fritters was nice. But the main dish failed to impress. The fritters were not really big on flavour, and had turned limp and soggy rather quickly. 

Beetroot & Ricotta Ravioli with sage brown butter and red onions was another dish that I don’t think I would be ordering again. 

However the No Carb Spaghetti with crunchy zucchini, squash, almonds and carrot is a nice, light, yet filling meal for those on a gluten free/low Carb diet. 

I wish my favourite grilled Norwegian Salmon had entered the scene much earlier, coz it was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. Think, perfectly cooked flaky salmon with a side of potato and scallion confit and caper vinaigrette.

Dessert had the most sinful, decadent Baked Peach Cheesecake, and Baileys Brownie Cheesecake with Strawberry Peppercorn Compote. (Ok…after eating so much of low carb….no carb…salad and quinoa, you’re allowed to cheat a little ! 😜 Hehehe) 

Couldn’t really decide which one was better….so ended up finishing both ! 😂  

*Review conducted on Invite*