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Never underestimate the power of Bread & a jar of Chutney in the fridge ! 😉

Never underestimate the power of #bread a jar of #chutney in the fridge ! 😃 

The other day during a long tiring work discussion at home (yeah I just realised that work from home can be just as tiring as going to office, especially when that work involves loads of costing & planning 😥) So anyway, my colleague & I took a break for #chai. 

Feeling a little peckish, we were wondering what to make for our tea time snack, as we had to get back to work real quick. 

Now…Instant noodles is something I’d eat only if that’s the last edible stuff remaining on earth…seriously!  So the other option was Bread. 

Hmm….how about a cheese sandwich ? Looking at my friend’s face, I knew cheese sandwich was out..! 

I usually have a jar of green chutney ready in my fridge, at all times. 

So while I mixed a thick chickpea flour- salt- turmeric- red chilli & ajwain batter, I asked my friend to slather some green chutney & ketchup on alternate slices of bread & stack them up. 

While this was being done simultaneously a wok full of oil was heating up on the burner. 

The chutney & ketchup stacks were then cut into bite sized cubes, dunked in the chickpea batter, fried till it golden & crisp….& voila ! 

We had our impromptu chai-pakoda session within minutes ! 😉 

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Using up Leftovers – Tandoori Chicken Sandwich. 

Using up leftovers 😋

I had a piece of Tandoori Chicken leftover from last night. We always have a bit of Roast Chicken leftover, don’t we ? & if you don’t, then make a little extra next time, just so that you can try this recipe, for a quick snack the next day. 

I decided to shred the chicken & make a spicy Sandwich with it. 

So on a slice of fresh white sandwich bread, I slathered some Mayonnaise, & piled the shredded chicken on it. 

On another slice I spread some spicy green chutney, & onion slices, with a generous squeeze of lemon.You could also add a cheese slice to make it yummier. 

I grilled the sandwich with a small dollop of butter on top, till golden and crisp. 

The spicy chutney, and tandoori chicken, with the creamy mayonnaise tasted SO good ! 

Next time I’m gonna save a piece or two of chicken, just to make this sandwich the next day 😜 

* You can roll up the same ingredients in a Chapati, instead of using Bread. Cook till golden brown, with a dollop of butter, on a frying pan. *

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‘Double Roti’ – Viman Nagar, Pune

Quirky decor, pleasant ambiance, spacious indoor as well as outdoor seating area, and a chic cafe bar kind of feel to it, Double Roti located at Datta Mandir Chowk in Viman Nagar, has all of these.

The 1st impression of the place, was definitely a good one.

As the name ‘Double Roti’ suggests, this place has much to offer to all Bread lovers. Variety of Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizza, Hot Dogs and much more.
For quick nibbles, there are Bbq chicken wings, Cheese Fries, Cheese Chilli toasts, and Pickle Chips.
Thats right, slices of pickled gherkins batter/crumb fried to a crisp golden colour.
The tangy taste of the pickle cuts through the richness of the deep fried crust. This one was my favourite.
Burgers, though not bad, failed to impress me. The beef patty was extremely dry and tasteless. While the lamb and chicken variations were slightly better.

A fellow diner who had asked for Fish n Chips offered me some, and I must say, the french fries were the only good thing about that entire dish.
The batter/coating on that fish was SO thick that it had not even cooked through properly.
It was like eating raw batter along with a very disappointing flavourless (what else can you expect when its Basa) fish.
The drinks we ordered were also a bit of hit and miss.
While the Oreo shake was nice, thick and delicious, all their others drinks like Nutty Affair, Iced Tea and Cold Coffee ( yes the much talked about Coldest Cold Coffee) failed to impress.
Apparently they serve 2 types of cold coffee.
One with regular instant coffee, and the other made with filter coffee.
We asked for the one made with filter coffee, and then had to ask for it to be changed Thrice !
The 1st time coz it was too diluted, almost like drinking water… 2nd time they got the same coffee with some milk added to it, but by that time it had no coffee flavour remaining, as there was just milk and water… the 3rd time he got the same glass with some more ‘improvisation’ which tasted even worse.

So finally we gave up and had the Regular Cold Coffee made with Instant coffee powder. This one was slightly better than the earlier experience. Not ‘wow’.. Strictly average.

Overall, there’s a lot of scope for improvement.
They have the biggest advantage of location and good crowd. Hope they really take their food a notch higher in terms of taste and consistency, in order to make it an over all pleasant experience.
* This review was conducted on invite *


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