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Smoothie in minutes 

​Morning rush, no time to cook, but don’t wanna skip breakfast ?
This quick, healthy & delish smoothie is good enough to keep you satiated till lunchtime. 

Just blend together  –

 ● half cup Granola 

 ● 10-15 black grapes 

 ● 1 banana 

 ● half cup yogurt 

Done ! 

You’ll never have to skip breakfast again 😃 

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Shreyas – Maharashtrian Thali, Deccan Gymkhana.

Last week, 2 Italian friends were in town….And I had to take them out shopping to …Laxmi road…and Tulshi baug …!!

Ok..let me clarify, It wasn’t My idea…..They WANTED to go there….and were super excited about it ! 😛

Oh poor me, I thought, ….It was gonna be a tough task, taking them there, and braving the heavy traffic and the crowd !

So off we went…to the tiny, mad lanes of Tulshi Baug… where we were hit by a sudden burst of all things bright and colourful !
Everything from flashy clothes… bling bling jewelry… home decor things… Heaps of colourful, gleaming metal articles….It was a treat for their eyes !

They loved it ! Clicking pictures of every new and ‘ unusual’ sight … for knick knacks ….. I have to admit, I had a good time too …and seeing their enthusiasm, I forgot all about the mad traffic and chaos.

By the time we were done with the shopping, haggling.. clicking pictures… we were super hungry !!

I asked them where they wanted to have lunch….and pat came the reply….SHREYAS !

Huh ?? really ?? These guys had read about it somewhere…and decided that they wanted to try the Maharashtrian thali !
( If only I knew they wanted to eat that…I wouldve invited them home ! ) 😛

Ok…now Me being a Maharashtrian, am not really a big fan of Maharashtrian food that you get outside ( esp Shreyas ) ….coz I’ve had much better ( tastier food) at home !

But these guys WANTED to go there !

So next stop…..Shreyas at Deccan Gymkhana..!

As we entered the big hall… there were lots of tables, placed quite close to each other….and most of them were occupied even on a week day !

Once we were seated… without any further delay, the staff doled out one preparation after another, onto our plates…it was endless…
Wide eyed…these guys were gaping at the plate….wondering when those people would stop serving finally, so they could attack the food. !

There was ‘Usal ‘ ( sprouts) …2 dry sabjis, one gravy wali sabji, Amti (dal) , Koshimbir ( salad) , Chutney, chaat, Papad, Kothimbir wadi, Bhakri, Puri, Chapati, Plain rice / Khichadi, Solkadhi, Taak (butter milk)

The overall taste was average…
To be very honest…the food at Shreyas, has never really impressed me much.
There’s something missing…cant really pinpoint… But I just dont find it as tasty, as most people describe it..

But my friends devoured the food …literally !!
I was initially worried, that they might find it too oily or spicy…
But they were just fine with spice level……even had generous helpings of the Batata Bhaaji ( potato sabji) and Puri..

Halfway through our meal the manager came and asked what sweet we wanted ( Dessert is optional, as it is not included in the thali… So you have to pay extra if you want it. And though the thali is unlimited…the dessert is served by each portion.)

( So…225/- for the thali….plus an average 60/- extra for the dessert )

And guess what ?!…After that humongous meal…these guys still had appetite for Amrakhand, Gulab Jamun, and Puran Poli….Whoa ! So we ordered that….and it disappeared just as quickly.

I was really happy to see them enjoying themselves thoroughly…..lapping up all that food.
That sight…and their happy faces really made my day !

So with a full tummy… huge shopping bags… empty pockets….and some lovely memories…. we left from Shreyas , with the promise of doing it all over again, before they leave India.

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