When all else fails, CHEESE.

​When all else fails, Cheese ! 

It’s been raining non stop, & the weather’s so nice & cool. Perfect for a day long Baking session. I made grand plans for the day! 

First up, kneading the bread dough, as it would take the longest to ferment. That done, I left the sourdough to ferment. Then got on with marinating some chicken, which I later planned to bake along with thin slices of potato, onion, cream & cheese. Marination done, I turned to the fermented dough, shaped & scored  a lovely french baguette, & put it in the oven to bake. 

Within 20 minutes the aroma of freshly baked bread was wafting through the kitchen. So now it was the Chicken that had to go in, to bake. Layers of thinly sliced potatoes, onion, chicken, herbs, cream & cheese were all set to bake & turn into a magical dish, which would later be devoured while listening to the pitter patter, sitting by the french window. 

I poured myself a glass of wine, & settled for a bit, waiting for the chicken to be ready in another 20 mins….

And then….BAM ! 😑 *power cut * 

How could I be SO naive & optimistic about this ‘Baking on a Rainy Day Plan’ ?! 

This is #pune ! Even 10 mins of rain, results into hours of powercut ! Hmmph… 

But I wasn’t gonna let my plans be ruined, just bcoz this brilliant ‘Smart City’ decided to cut off power suply! 😏 

So out came the next best thing – the Cheese Board ! 

Now how can you go wrong with a Cheese Board & Wine ?! 

* That’s why I always say – Stock up your groceries smartly * 

I had all the essentials of a Cheese platter ready, & all it took was a little assembling. 

So within minutes we had – Olives, Parmesan, Gruyere Crisps, Mild Cheddar, some Fruit Preserves, Spanish Chorizo, & the lovely fresh warm baguette ready, for a candlelight evening by the window, listening to the pitter patter of the rain, sipping wine & having an awesome evening. 

Well played ‘Smart City’….But I’m smarter than you 😏😎😂


Effingut Brewerkz launches HOPS Effin गुड़ (Gud)

Effingut Brewerkz, situated in the 6th lane of Koregaon Park is already a favourite among beer enthusiasts.
Last week a few Beer Enthusiasts from Pune, that go by the name HOPS, came together with Effingut Brewerkz, to launch a unique blend, a new craft beer.

With all the enthusiasts suggesting various options like using jaggery, lemon grass or kafir lime etc…Also someone suggesed the idea of using barrel aged/oak chips, to give woody notes, along with jaggery.
It was finally time to cast a vote and choose a unique brew from the shortlisted contenders, namely –

* Dark Oak Aged Ale
* Lemongrass Belgian Wit
* Cream Blonde
* Ratnagiri Mango Amber
* Baker Brown Ale
* Mocha Brown Ale

Each member had to cast a vote including Mr Manu Gulati, the man behind Effingut Brewerkz. Considering availability of ingredients, the demand, and the pallete of the Indian beer drinkers, they zeroed in on the Dark Ale.
And thus was launched the ‘HOPS Effin गुड़’ (गुड़ which is ‘Jaggery’) which is now available at Effingut Brewerkz, and I suggest you check it out soon. This one’s definetly on my list of favourites.