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I tossed up a delish salad in 5 mins ! 😃

​I’m just a girl, standing in front of a #salad , asking it to be a #doughnut 😒

Anyway, this quick 5 min salad I made for #lunch today was quite good ! 

Grilled #mushrooms & #cottagecheese tossed with some #rocketleaves with a generous sprinkling of Keya all purpose seasoning. That’s it ! (all purpose seasoning was a mix of garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, paprika, salt , oregano) 

Mushrooms added a meaty texture to the salad, while the creamy sweetness of #paneer (indian cottage cheese) balanced the peppery flavour of the #arugulasalad ….& it literally took 5 mins to prepare this dish 

(I still want a doughnut though 😂) 

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Healthy, No Cook Breakfast Ideas. Banana-Peanut Butter-Granola. 

Imagine the saltiness of generously slathered creamy peanut butter against the sweetness of banana and the crunchy texture of homemade granola packed with Almonds, Walnuts & Cranberries !

That was my breakfast today 😍 

You don’t need to slave in the kitchen for hours, neither skip breakfast bcoz you don’t have time to cook.

I just slit a banana lengthwise,  slathered some creamy peanut butter on it, & genrously sprinkled my favourite homemade granola packed full of the goodness of Oats, Almonds, Walnuts, & Cranberries. 

There you have it, a complete breakfast full of all the essential nutrients to start your day, ready in under 5 minutes, without any cooking at all ! 

Can anything be easier than that ? 

 Just use a little imagination ! Experiment a little. 

Stock up your groceries smartly. 😎

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Bharli Vangi (Stuffed Eggplant/Aubergine in a spicy thick gravy 

​Couldn’t resist the temptation of making Bharli Vangi, after seeing those stunning pics posted by a blogger friend @priyanka_coffeebreak the other day.

I used a mortar & pestle to make a coarse fresh hand pounded masala using – toasted dry coconut, garlic, groundnuts, sesame seeds, red chilli powder, turmeric, ‘goda masala’ & salt. Stuffed this dry spice mix into the slit aubergines. Sauted the aubergines with a tsp of oil, and then added water to the pan. Some tamarind pulp and jaggery to balance the flavour and then simmered on medium heat with a lid on, till the ubergines were cooked through, and the gravy thickened &  released oil on the edges. 

Tastes fabulous with fresh steamed rice/ hot jowar bhakri 😍 (Indian millet flatbread) 

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Quick & Easy Paneer- Capsicum Curry 

​The fastest & simplest way to make a Paneer-Capsicum-Onion dish, that tastes fabulous with steamed rice/laccha parathas/hot phulka. 

I used my favourite ‘Feel Good’ brand of #paneer that I bought from Dorabjee’s 

Here’s what you need to do – 

■ In a pan take a spoonful of Ghee, and add Kalonji (nigella seeds/onion seeds) to it. 

■ Once the seeds start to sizzle a bit, add diced onion, and capsicum, pinch of turmeric, salt, ‘Kitchen King’ masala & red chilli powder to taste, and toss on high flame for just a minute (the vegetables should remain crunchy) 

■ Add a little whisked yogurt, and stir in till combined well. Lower the heat at this point. 

■ Add cubes of Paneer, and stir gently till combined. Do not overcook Paneer, as it becomes chewy. Add water/milk/cream, as per your choice, to adjust the consistency. 
Serve the dish with fresh steamed rice/paratha/phulka. 

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Didn’t know Over-Ripe Bananas would make such wonderful Parathas ☺👏(flatbreads) 

​Few days ago I made a  banana walnut loaf using over-ripe bananas, that I somehow wanted to finish off. Thats when a friend gave me a recipe for this sweet paratha. Now honestly, I had never thought of using bananas to make parathas, so I was quite curious about the taste. 

And guess what…. I never thought overripe bananas would make such wonderful easy recipes ! I loved it ! 

I modified the recipe slightly, as I didn’t want to use sugar, or make the paratha too sweet. 

So this is my version of the banana paratha – • 2 over-ripe bananas • big pinch of Cardamom powder

• big pinch of Salt

• 1 tsp Jaggery (I just wanted a hint of sweetness, but you can add more if you want your paratha Sweeter) • 1 tsp Ghee • Wheat Flour (as much as the banana paste can hold, and make a soft yet firm ‘chapati’ like dough) ● Blend cardamom powder , jaggery and bananas to a fine paste.

● Knead a soft yet firm dough by adding little wheat flour at a time, to the banana mixture. Add Salt and Ghee while kneading. ● Roll out Parathas, and cook on a griddle till golden and crisp on the edges. Use few drops of ghee on the sides while cooking. Serve hot

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Quick & Easy Chorizo Fried Rice

There are times you are hungry, and tired after a long day…when all you want to do is just plonk in front of the TV and have a quick one dish meal. Something that you can rustle up under 10 minutes, and gobble up just as quickly.
My quick and easy Chorizo Fried Rice is just the thing for you, in such situations.

You will need –

* Cooked rice – 1 cup.
(Cold leftover rice works best for this, as it isn’t as sticky as freshly cooked rice, so gives better texture to the fried rice )
* Chorizo Sausages – As required.
* Egg – 1 no. (Optional)
* Garlic – 2-3 cloves
* Soy Sauce – 1 tsp (or as required)
* Sesame oil – 1 tsp (groundnut oil/any other oil is fine too)
* Salt – To taste
* Black Pepper – A big pinch
* Spring Onion/Cilantro/Mint leaves  -As required

Method –

* Heat 1 tsp oil in a wok. Add finely minced garlic and sliced chorizo sausages. Stir on medium heat till fat from chorizo renders into the wok.
* Add soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste.
* Add an Egg to this mixture and stir in for a minute till it cooks (Egg is optional, you can omit this step if you do not wish to use egg )
* Add cooked rice and strir till the soy sauce and chorizo oil mixture coats the rice evenly.
* Turn the heat off and add generous quantity of finely chopped Spring onion/Cilantro/Mint (or a combination of all, if you happen to have all of these at home) for a fresh, crunchy texture and flavour.

Your 1 dish meal is ready in under 10 minutes.
Chorizo gives the rice excellent flavour and just a little quantity goes a long way to pack in lots of flavour into the dish.
Egg gives you the required dose of protein.
Rice makes for a hearty one dish meal.
And the mint and other herbs add a fresh texture and flavour to this dish.

So next time you are tired after a long day at work, or simply too lazy to cook an elaborate meal, you can try this one dish meal that’s not just hearty and delicious, but also fast, fresh and simple !


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HealthyTiffins Workshop, by Avanti Deshpande

Facing a constant dilemma of what to pack in your kid’s tiffin? Something that has to be tasty, healthy & also easy to cook.

I’m sure atleast 80% of the kids these days would refuse, or atleast throw a tantrum if you give them the same ‘boring’ Chapati and Sabji for every meal.
But what if you could just twist the recipe a bit and turn the same Chapati-Sabji into a yummy Quesadilla? Now who would refuse to eat that ?!
I was recently invited to a workshop conducted by city based Nutritionist & Dietician, Avanti Deshpande.
She demonstrated some of her tried and tested tiffin recipes, which are not only tasty and healthy, but also very quick and easy to make.
We all know how much our lifestyle and eating habits have changed over the years. Pasta, pizzas, burgers, cakes have become a part of daily diet for most people now.
Unfortunately these unhealthy eating habits have become a part of our kids lives too, and parents are worried that its too late to change these habits now.
However, if you try and think of new ways and innovative ideas to incorporate healthy ingredients into these same dishes, then you’ll realize that they are not so harmful afterall.
Avanti explained simple and practical tips on how to use healthy ingredients like Soya granules, Green Leafy Vegetables, Salads, Dry Fruits into everyday meals.
So, using Spinach puree´ into a Pesto Pasta, means your child not only gets to enjoy his favourite dish, but also eats healthy.
Adding Chickpeas, or Sprouts to Fruit Chaat, ensures that they get their daily quota of fruits as well as proteins.
How about using Dates, Almonds, Walnuts and Oats to make delicious and healthy Laddus? I’m sure we’ll all agree that its definitely a better alternative to the suagr laden Cream Biscuits and Chocolate bars that kids keep munching on these days.
And not just for the kids, but these recipes are so tasty and wholesome, even the grownups would enjoy them just as much. How about carrying a couple of those Oats and Dry Fruit laddus in your bag, for that mid morning snack? Much better than reaching for that pack of biscuits or chips, right?

The best thing about this workshop, I realized, was that you dont really have to go out of the way to buy fancy or expensive ingredients, you dont need to spend hours in the kitchen making all these things. These are all the everyday food items and ingredients we use in our home, just twisted with innovative ideas and presentation to make them more interesting.
Avanti, not only conducts such food workshops regularly, but is also a consultant who would be happy to help you and your kids with a nutritious diet plan and advice depending on your specific needs.
You can get in touch with her for appointments, through the contact details given in this article. (plz refer to attached pics)
I’m definitely looking forward to many more interesting workshops with Avanti. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming workshops.



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