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Easy Cherry Galette 

Its stone fruit season ! Looking at all those fresh plump juicy peaches, apricots, plums & cherries in the market, makes my mind work overtime, thinking of all the delicious things I can make with these fruits. 

So you’ll be seeing a lot of Jams, pies, tarts & galettes on my blog now. 

Honestly, nothing is simpler than a galette though. 

Served with a scoop of icecream or whipped cream, this handcrafted pie/galette makes for a comforting dessert on a gloomy rainy day. 

Here’s my Cherry Galette recipe for you – 

■ With your fingertips, rub together 100 gms of Flour with 50 gms of chilled butter (i prefer salted – @amulindia butter ), a pinch of Baking powder and 1 teaspoon of icing sugar. 

■ Rub this mixture lightly with just the fingertips, till it starts looking like coarse breadcrumbs. 

■ Add a couple of teaspoons of chilled water/milk to the mixture, & start bringing it together in a ball shape. Do Not knead the flour mixture like a bread dough. Just press it lightly between your palms, to bring it together in a dough ball. 

■ Wrap this pastry dough in a cling film & refrigerate for 15-20 mins. 

■ Take about half cup of fresh cherries (you can also use Peaches/Apricots cut into bite size pcs) Mix in few teaspoons of Demerrara (brown) Sugar, & a drop of Vanilla essence. 

■ Roll out the chilled pastry dough between sheets of Plastic, (roughly the diameter of a Quarter plate.) & roll about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. 

■ Place the rolled dough onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Pile the fruit mixture in the middle, leaving a sufficient border (atleast an inch) along the circle. 

■ Fold the border onto the fruit filling, so that the fruit does not slide off while baking. 

■ Bake the Cherry Galette in a preheated oven at 160° C for 20-25 mins, until the fruits are caramelized &  the pastry is golden-brown. 

■ Serve warm with a dollop of icecream or whipped cream. 

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Shizusan – Asian ‘pop’ Bistro

Phoenix Market City is definitely becoming one of the best places for experiencing interesting food concepts.
The newest addition being Shizusan, as Asian ‘pop’ bistro.
Minimalistic decor, with touches of the Orient which are smart, but not in your face.
The charming alfresco section would be my choice to dine, when the weather is pleasant. As for the summer months, its best to sit indoors.

The concept and menu revolves around ‘Shizusan’, a fictitious character, and his travel and culinary experiences all over Asia.

Painstaking research has gone into designing this extensive menu and bringing together some of the most popular dishes from Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Chef Paul Kinny and his team have done a remarkable job with these dishes, and have taken care to see that there’s something interesting for every palate.

We sampled around 30 dishes at the bloggers table that evening.
Yeah…being a food blogger is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it … Lol ! 😜

My favourites from that evening were-

# Edamame Dumplings- steamed edamame dumplings with a light hint of wasabi. Subtle yet flavourful.
# Prawn and Coriander Dumplings – a whole succulent prawn with a hit of fresh coriander. Superb.
# Pepper Garlic Mushrooms – With generous use of Thai herbs and spices, these mushrooms had a bold flavour and will defintiely be appreciated by the our Indian tastebuds that need the zing of chili and garlic.
# Thai Spiced Lotus Stem – Another almost addictive starter, you just cannot stop eating it. Crisp lotus stem slices tossed in a sweet-spicy-tangy sauce. It makes a great starter to have with your drink. A definite hit with all the Vegetarians.

# The star of the evening for me, however, was a plate of Baby Back Ribs!
Melt in the mouth, tender, ‘falling off the bone’ kind of meat. Delish Bbq sauce that had an Asian twist to it, had me shamelessly licking my fingers, and the plate clean.
If there’s one dish I absolutely wouldn’t share with anyone, its this !

# Shizusan offers a large and impressive variety of sushi (classic and modern) which cannot be tried in just one visit.
Rainbow Maki (assortment of Tuna, Salmon, Crab)
Tuna Tartare Roll,
Philadelphia Roll (salmon with cream cheese) are all worth a try.

Vegetarians need not worry , as there’s plenty for them to choose from.

The Baos served at Shizusan are shaped like Tacos, instead of the classic stuffed buns.
The 12 hour braised pork belly with a spicy jalapeno slaw was ace. Such a gorgeous bite. I fell in love with it !

The dishes that failed to impress me were –
Thai Chicken Wings with a drizzle of sriracha.
Hot Stone Rice, and Pad Thai, were rather average, as compared to rest of the dishes we sampled that evening.

Inspite of trying so many things I was eagerly waiting for dessert, as my expectations had reached sky high.

Sadly for me, desserts were a Disappointment.
# Tiramisu Asia – is a twist on the classic Tiramisu, where coffee is substituted with a mild green tea. This one failed to impress completely.
# Peanut Butter Pie was bit of a saviour with its creamy peanut butter mousse like center with chocolate ganache. Interesting, but for a ‘Snicker’ lover maybe.

I would’ve loved to see some adventurous experiments with the desserts. Since there’s so much twist on the classic recipes, how about a Cake or Panna Cotta infused with Pandan leaf ?! Now that would be unique and interesting.
Hope to see it on their menu soon !

As for the Dimsums, Bao, Sushi and some wonderful mocktails (ohh….Don’t forget to try the ‘Thai Thai’ a wonderful blend of orange juice and kafir lime leaves) people of Pune, go check it out soon, and thank me later ! 🙂

* Review conducted on Invite *