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Quick & Easy Tandoori Chicken Pulao 

​I have this strange habit of ordering too much #tandoorichicken ! 

Yeah I’m quite greedy that way 😅…but then I can’t finish it, & end up having leftovers. 

Remember that yumm sandwich I made with leftover tandoori chicken ? 

Well this time I rustled up a quick yummy rice. 

In a pan, I heated oil & fried some onion on low heat till golden-brown & crisp, to make ‘birista’. 

After I drained the crisp fried birista onto a paper towel & set it aside, in the same pan I added some turmeric powder, chili powder, kitchen king masala, & the leftover tandoori chicken shredded into bite sized pieces. 

Then I added precooked rice (to which I had already added salt, while cooking) 

Tossed everything together till the masala and chicken mixed well with the rice. 

Garnished with the crisp fried onions, & fresh coriander. Tasted brilliant with a generous squeeze of lemon. 😋

Cheflife, Diet, Dinner, Food Blog, Food Blogger, Healthy Meals, Home Cooking, Lifestyle, Lunch, Motivation, Quick Meals

Fast, Fresh & Simple 

​I like making quick, easy recipes for dinner most of the times, or atleast on weekdays. 

Recipes like this easy Thai inspired curry with steamed rice feature a lot on my plate. 

It’s a good way to mix protein, fibre & carbs in a meal. 

In a wok, I sauted some boneless chicken (You can use Tofu / Mushroom / Veggies instead of, or along with the chicken.) along with ginger, shallots, lemon grass, kafir lime leaves and fresh home grown basil. 

(Salt & slit red/green chilli to taste)

Added in some diced bell peppers, & topped up with thick coconut extract to make a sort of curry-sauce. 

Served with steamed rice. 

Fast, Fresh & Simple Dinners  🙂  

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Ritz Classic. Panjim, Goa 

​There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of the famous Ritz Classic restaurant in Panjim, Goa. 

I never ever miss a chance to eat here, when in Goa. 

Along with a la carte dishes, which include a huge variety of typical Goan seafood and other meat dishes, the one thing which is an absolute must have for any seafood lover is their Fish Thali. 

A huge slice of perfectly cooked flaky Surmai fry, a big bowl of mild creamy prawn curry (1 big prawn) with drumstick, a spicy-tangy mackerel curry, tisrya (clam) masala, Rice, Eggplant sabji, Solkadhi, and THE most amazing sukka sungta cha kismoor (dry shrimp-onion-fresh coconut salad) This massive thali for 160/- is sheer happiness. 

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Quick Fried Rice 

​This one dish meal works wonders when you have a cup of leftover cooked rice and want to rustle up a quick meal on a busy work day. 
This literally takes the same amount of time it would need to cook a packet of Instant Noodles. (ok… maybe a minute more, to mince and chop the veggies…. but so much more nutritious than a pack of junk food)
I generally stock up a few bottles of Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, and Curry Pastes to instantly jazz up boring veggies and meats.

You can use any meat/veggies you have at home, as there are no set rules for this recipe. 

So don’t be lazy, and try this simple recipe next time you have the urge to just pop a ‘ready to eat’ packaged meal in the microwave. 
● In a wok, heat a tsp of Sesame Oil (any other oil would do) Add in minced Ginger & Garlic,  Soy Sauce, (Fish Sauce- optional), Black Pepper/Chilli Flakes. 
● Add lightly whisked Egg (/Sausages/Bacon) and any of the following veggies – Pak Choi/ Bok Choy /Mushrooms /Cabbage/ Spring Onion. Add Salt to taste.

Saute on high heat for couple of minutes.

● Add in the cooked rice (should be cold/room temperature) and toss it just enough, so that all ingredients mix well. Serve hot. 

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The Bar & Eatery – Koregaon Park, lane 7

I was recently invited for a review to a quaint little place named ‘The Bar and Eatery’ in Koregaon Park, lane no. 7

To be honest I had never even noticed this place while passing by that street, because it’s really small. Blink and you miss kinda entrance, and no bright signage,could be the reason.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the place, because I hadn’t heard much about it from anyone else either.

The 1st impression as I entered the place, was a good one though. A typical relaxed, laid back kinda place where you catch up with friends for a drink post work, or on a weekend. 

The ambiance is lively,  but without being too noisy and chaotic. 

So far so good, I thought, and moved on to check the drinks and food menu.

We started off with a superb Mai Tai which is easily one of those drinks that I could have a pitcher of, alone, on a Sunday brunch or a warm summer evening (I wish I could have a pitcher…but not really posssible, since their drinks are quite potent ! ) 

Speaking of potent drinks, their lovely Paan Shots would totally top that list , coz it’s potent and how! 

For the Beer Cocktail lovers, a mix of Watermelon juice, Red Bull and Beer , called the Watermelon Limon Beer is a good choice.

The Bar and Eatery offers amazing deals on their drinks, and the Happy Hours stretch all the way to 9:00 pm ! on All days ! Yayyy !!

Over to the food – 

The menu is a bit too long, considering the place is a typical watering hole where you want a short and to the point food menu. But well, they have included a bit of everything to please all types of palates and appetites.

The Beer Bacon Cheese and Chicken Soup is an absolute stunner ! All my favourite things in 1 bowl !  A well balanced cheesy, boozy soup with bits of chicken and bacon and some more crispy bacon strips on top, is every bit hearty and satisfying. An absolute delight on a cold winter night.

The vegetarians can opt for the Tomato Basil Mozzarella Soup, which has chunks of mozzarella that melt into the soup giving it a chewy cheesy texture and the freshness of basil. 

Paneer, Corn, Mushroom Salad is a good option for healthy vegetarian munchies with drinks.

Their most popular bar snack, the Ultimate Fries which are generously drizzled with cheese sauce and herbs are best eaten really hot, else they tend to get very soggy and unappetizing. 

Asian Tenderloin Salad, Salmon & Cream Cheese Bruschetta , Teriyaki Chicken Skewers are all good accompaniments with your cocktails.

However if it’s something more hearty and filling you are looking for, I would most definitely recommend their Daal Makhni or Butter Chicken which are so rich, creamy and flavourful. Served with Paratha, Rice, Papad and Salad, which makes it a complete meal. 

The Pasta and Burgers are not bad at all. But they were the lesser favourites from that evening. I prefered the Indian food combos for the mains.

And if you have a Sweet tooth, The Bar and Eatery has some delish desserts for you. 

*Warning* They serve Massive portions of Dessert ! 

Serradurra, which is a Portuguese  dessert made up of layers of fine biscuit crumbs and cream is lovely, and has the taste and texture similar to a tiramisu. 

The Baked Yogurt set and served in an earthen pot is a lovely dessert with a slight tangy aftertaste of the yogurt, and the sweetness of a crackling caramelized sugar layer like that of a creme brulee. 

So next time you’re around Koregaon Park, wondering where to go for a drink, (and good food as well) , The Bar and Eatery is a decent option for sure. 

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‘Sarhad Ke Pakwan’ – Kangan, Westin.Pune

Westin, Pune is currently hosting a food festival ‘Sarhad Ke Pakwan’ at their restaurant ‘Kangan’
Chefs Harpal Singh, and Shadab Qureshi have curated the menu comprising of the cuisines from the north and north western borders of India, ie the states of Gujrat, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Kashmir.

Guests can enjoy a variety of traditional dishes that use simple and rustic cooking techniques quite similar to those still used in homes in these regions.

Nadru Chorma, Tabak Maaz, Ma ki daal, Amrud ki Sabji, Bhatti ki Tangdi are some of my favourites from the menu.

The evening started with a very popular dish from Kashmir, Nadru Chorma. Fried Lotus Stems served with a Raddish Walnut Dip.
These crisp, spicy fried lotus stem chips taste absolutely stunning when paired with a cool creamy radish and walnut dip.

Bhatti Ki Tangdi was a flavourful chicken drumstick cooked to perfection. Soft and juicy, well marinated meat with a spicy slightly charred exterior was a delight. Such simple and rustic flavours.

Another dish worth trying is Tabak Maaz. Lamb ribs cooked in milk and its own fat was a lovey combination of subtle spices with the meat.

Amritsari Fish Tikka, Bhatti ka Kumb, Jodhpuri Paneer Tikka are some of the other starters worth trying at this festival.

From the main course, my pick of the evening would definitely be Amrud Ki Sabji.
Chunks of Guava , cooked in a spicy, tangy, pickle like masala, literally had me licking my fingers.

The rich, fragrant, Kashmiri Pulao tasted so good on its own. The generous use of ghee and saffron with dry fruits giving it a brilliant aroma.
Ma ki daal with its rustic homely style preparation was a big hit especially with crisp flaky parathas.

Among the lesser favourites thst evening were Baingan ka Bharta , Bikaneri Murg, and Tamatar Chaman (cottage cheese cooked in a thin tomato based gravy)

Shakore ki phirni and Malpua with Rabdi ensured a sweet sinful and decadent ending the meal.

Sarhad ke Pakwan will continue till 30th Sept, Dinner only, at Kangan.
Do visit, to get a glimpse of these well known dishes from around the border states of India.


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Quick & Easy Chorizo Fried Rice

There are times you are hungry, and tired after a long day…when all you want to do is just plonk in front of the TV and have a quick one dish meal. Something that you can rustle up under 10 minutes, and gobble up just as quickly.
My quick and easy Chorizo Fried Rice is just the thing for you, in such situations.

You will need –

* Cooked rice – 1 cup.
(Cold leftover rice works best for this, as it isn’t as sticky as freshly cooked rice, so gives better texture to the fried rice )
* Chorizo Sausages – As required.
* Egg – 1 no. (Optional)
* Garlic – 2-3 cloves
* Soy Sauce – 1 tsp (or as required)
* Sesame oil – 1 tsp (groundnut oil/any other oil is fine too)
* Salt – To taste
* Black Pepper – A big pinch
* Spring Onion/Cilantro/Mint leaves  -As required

Method –

* Heat 1 tsp oil in a wok. Add finely minced garlic and sliced chorizo sausages. Stir on medium heat till fat from chorizo renders into the wok.
* Add soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste.
* Add an Egg to this mixture and stir in for a minute till it cooks (Egg is optional, you can omit this step if you do not wish to use egg )
* Add cooked rice and strir till the soy sauce and chorizo oil mixture coats the rice evenly.
* Turn the heat off and add generous quantity of finely chopped Spring onion/Cilantro/Mint (or a combination of all, if you happen to have all of these at home) for a fresh, crunchy texture and flavour.

Your 1 dish meal is ready in under 10 minutes.
Chorizo gives the rice excellent flavour and just a little quantity goes a long way to pack in lots of flavour into the dish.
Egg gives you the required dose of protein.
Rice makes for a hearty one dish meal.
And the mint and other herbs add a fresh texture and flavour to this dish.

So next time you are tired after a long day at work, or simply too lazy to cook an elaborate meal, you can try this one dish meal that’s not just hearty and delicious, but also fast, fresh and simple !


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